You can drive real results and grow your business when you create a new Facebook promotion.
Consider how we can help you:

  • Find the people who matter to your business by choosing demographics, location and interests
  • Get the attention of those potential customers with engaging images and text
  • See the results of your promotion, such as the number of people reached, so you understand how it impacted your business

We have some tips that will help you create promotions that get noticed. We’ll also show you how 3 businesses like yours achieved success with help from Facebook.

3 tips for creating promotions that get noticed

The text and images you use in your promotions work together to help get the attention of your target audience. If you want to see how your promotion will look on Facebook, try creating a mockup in the Creative Hub. You’ll also see examples of successful ads created by other businesses.

Think mobile first with your images

Review photos on your smartphone to ensure your subject is clear and any writing, such as a sign, is legible. Use the Image Text Check tool if you have text in your picture.

Keep your pictures simple

Effective images don’t have to include several people and multiple props. Take a close-up of a product, show a satisfied customer, or snap a shot of your business location.

Get to the point in your text

Stick to one subject, even if you have multiple things to promote. Keep your text less than 90 characters and choose a relevant call-to-action, like Shop Now.