The Problem

Your company website
creates frustration.

After years of helping business owners and managers with their websites and online strategy, we know what kind of problems our clients have been battling with before coming to us.
Decision makers that have no idea of how to generate more traffic and a website that’s impossible to update without paying hefty fees.

No Online Expert
You lack the expertise needed to succeed online, and don’t have time to learn it all.
Solid Strategy Missing
All your online marketing efforts are ad hoc and spontaneous, not creating any traction,
Bad Mobile Experience
Friends and clients tell you the website looks weird on their phones, and visitors don’t buy.
Not Enough Time!
If you’re managing a serious company you simply don’t have the time to make the website profitable by yourself.
The Solution
A Website that Inspires.

With our packages you take control of the situation and let a professional team grow your audience.

We implement the strategy, processes and tasks needed to connect with your audience. Create new leads and expand your tribe.

We take your WordPress Site and rebuild it as The Engagement Machine.

Team of Online Experts
Outsource crucial work to our experts who tweak your website every month.
Strategy that WORKS
Our online strategy gives you full overview and creates traction with new visitors.
Mobile First
Be proud of a magical experience on mobile that converts visitors to buy.
Delegate and Relax
Delegate tasks to our pro developers and focus your energy on what you’re good at.
Budget Friendly
You know how much to pay every month and avoid going over budget.
Be in the Know
Always be in the forefront of what’s working in online communication.
Target Profile

You understand the
power of digital solutions.

Our job is not to convince you about the power of the Internet, you already know. You call the shots at a company that has proven market value (paying customers) and see the benefits of going digital. You’re looking to connect with the people who appreciate and love what your company does.

You have been outsourcing and delegating tasks before with great success. Your company is looking to spread the word and find your raving fans out there on the digital sea. You’re looking for a professional partner that you can trust. You’re ready to step your game up and reap the benefits of proper online marketing.


Disclaimer: We don’t work with new startups or companies at the “idea stage”.

“We help ethical & modern business owners find their fans at a fixed monthly cost.”

One Happy Client
x25.4 time increase in Leads in three months.

“At first we were hesitant to spend the money on doing any changes. I knew we needed them, but I wasn’t sure that we would get the money we spent back. After talking to Gabriel I felt that I could trust him and the team at Cole Media to turn things around.

We invested in a remake of the website and added the option to pay via the website. This decision quickly paid for itself when we received $3865 in payments the first week of opening the new website.”


Some of the clients enjoying our packages:

“Our earlier provider of online solutions was inflexible and very expensive. With a monthly package we get a lot of value for money and very high quality.”

Sverre Dejgaard

Brand Manager at Keepitsafe

“Our new website is more professional and converts to sales much better than my previous design. All thanks to the monthly package.”

Ted Snyder

CEO at VPN Finder

It was a pleasure working with Gabriel and his amazing team!. This was my first time designing a website and he was very patient with someone with limited technical skills. He made great suggestions to improve on our plan and was very agreeable to trying new things when we came to him with additional ideas. I would fully recommend him and would hire him again in a second. Positive attitude + friendly + professional + skilled = great experience and wonderful finished product!

Gemma Parker

Owner, Babypreloved, Canada

One of the best web freelancers I’ve worked with in terms of efficiency, professionalism, positive attitude and cost. Knowledgeable, and has good suggestions on what will or won’t work.  Highly recommended.

Liane Jackson

Founder,, USA

My previous website wasn’t ranked on Google search and was not engaging enough. Cole Media have been truly amazing at helping me to create my perfect company website. Imaginative, responsive and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a unique and different website to stand out in the crowd.
Sharon Stewart

Director, Love My New

I had been having bad experiences with agencies when it came to cost and deadlines before hiring Cole Media. In our first conversation I realized that the communication with Gabriel was easy and effective.
Cole Media’s work met all my expectations. They delivered good quality always on time and at a very reasonable cost.
I would recommend Cole Media to every manager who is looking for an experienced team able to work independently and to bring new ideas to the table.
Eva Merchan

Manager, Glamira International, Europe

We previously worked with another agency that responded slower and was not as pro-active and engaging as Cole Media. The team at CM helped to define, design and deploy “World Backup Day’s” online presence, content strategy and channels in social media.
It was very easy to communicate with, and plan launch activities with Cole Media. They are willing to help at any time and has a fast response time.
Alexandra Davydova

Online Marketing Manager, Online Backup Company, Norway

The Investment.
The Freedom Yacht

All tools needed for website tracking and useful insights.


Per month
The Rocket Ship

Perfect build-on from the Freedom Yacht, with a Newsletter machine and Content Marketing Strategy.


Per month
The Engagement Machine

A well built machine with everything needed to take people from audience to subscribers.


Per month
The Uniqueness

Cole Media
The Freedom Company

Cole Media was started in the cold north in Oslo, Norway and we have worked with companies in over 20 different countries since 2010. We focus on helping ambitious people reach their goals in “the real world” by using the tools and interfaces from the online world.

All of us in Cole Media are location independent and enjoy the personal freedom of working from anywhere in the world. This helps us deliver our work where and when we feel most creative.


Freedom inspires our whole organization and decision making. This is why we don’t do any long contracts or cancellation fees like most other companies in the B2B market.

We strive to uphold a humble and helpful attitude to each other and our clients. We are big believers in Science, Technology and Education – seeing them as the three most important factors to ending war, poverty and injustice worldwide.